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I'm a Canadian now residing in Sunny Arizona since 2002. Although I've been a city girl all of my life, I've always loved the country and the laid back life it offers. My love of the Outdoors, Animals,and Gardening comes from my mom Cecile, who loved her home in the country, but sadly passed away in 2005. I promised her I would grow a garden in her name, And I finally did, five years later. One of my best memories of her is how much she loved her garden. The glow on her face when she would show me something new, always creating a life with things she loved. She loved all animals. She taught me simplicity, to enjoy the small things, and see beauty in everything. Today I find myself doing the same things she did in her garden and in life. This blog was created to keep track of my projects and adventures. They may not all be successes, but my goal is to remain unintimidated by whatever engages my curiosity. I want to share this adventure with those who can appreciate the small things, the trial and errors, the simplicity in it all, but mostly,what my mom knew how to do best,just have FUN! *This blog is dedicated to her*

Nov 30, 2010

Baby Bird

There's something rewarding about saving a baby bird.
This little guy flew in my window, but luckily no major damage was done but he was a little shaken. I took him inside and placed him in my fleece vest pocket for a little while to keep him warm. Then I brought him outside and opened up my hand and he sat there for a few seconds then bounced up and flew away.  :)  He did turn to me at first as if thanking me...  :) At least that's what I'd like to think.
This little guy is Arizona's State bird, the Cactus Wren  :)

Frosty is Coming to Town

Tonight will be the coldest yet, frost warnings throughout the valley, and plenty of snow up north just a few towns away.

Later today I will cover up my fragile veggies with blankets and sheets.I am concerned mostly about my chickens but I am told if they have shelter, they should be fine. I have noticed that they do huddle together and when they sit they cover their feet and hide their heads underneath their wings.

Nov 29, 2010

A Great Find!

Found me a nice long vintage couch at a yard sale. Very comfortable and sits nicely on my back patio. I love the fact that I can split it too.

Eventfull Long Weekend

I love the fact that I got everything done that I set out to do and more over the long weekend. I now have a fresh coat of paint in my kitchen, and managed to paint the concrete floors in the bedrooms too (while I wait to replace it with wood flooring) Looks much more attractive. That's on top of my regular household chores.

But I wasn't expecting to deal with my dog's bad luck. My old Fat Guy who is about 15 had what I think could be a mild stroke last week, partially paralizing his hind legs. I didn't want to rush to the vet instead, keep him comfortable in his own home with pain medicine and I carefully observed him.
Thankfully he got better within 2 days. I have no clue what happened or why, but at his age with arthritis and his obesity I can expect some issues.
And just as he seems like he had found his youth again he decided to catch a bee....and eat it! :(  his jaw swelled up quickly and within a half hour he had a severe allergic reaction to the bee sting which caused him to tremble and yelp. His eyes were changing, I thought he was going into seizures and die in my arms.
He kept digging his head into my side, as if demanding comfort. Poor old guy, I felt helpless until I remembered to give him allergy medicine and sure enough, within an hour he was fast asleep. He looked much more comfortable.
He woke up refreshed with a wagging tail. He also got his huge appetite back.
I guess I can be thankfull that this happened while I had the opportunity to spend time with him.
My hens were cackling up a storm too, the loudest they've ever been! I'm beginning to think that one of them thinks she's a rooster. But ohhhh what good eggs they deliver.
Yep, Eventfull 4 day weekend.

Nov 23, 2010


The cold has settled in. It was a long warm season this year, now getting into the beat of this crispness will take some time but I've been ready.
I brought out my winter blankets and warm clothes a few weeks back. I do love putting on my warm fleece jacket when I get out early in the morning to visit my garden and chickens  :)
The dogs enjoy this weather too, they run around the yard and play lots more. The hens also seem perkier. But that may be because they have started laying  :D
We got some rain yesterday and filled up my rain barrels once more :)
I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Nov 15, 2010

My First Egg!

Finally after much anticipation! I was thinking my hens were defective or something.
Late morning yesterday I was in for a big surprise. I feel so lucky I was there to witness it.
My poor hen sounded like she was screaming as if being tortured, I ran to the pen and saw her flying out of the coop poor thing, she must have been wondering what was happening to her!

I hurried to the coop and saw the prettiest little beige egg sitting there all alone!  :)  I was so excited I was yelling "I got an Egg!" several times...
I know the neighbors heard me.
I picked it up and snapped a quick picture before bringing it indoors.
This little egg was healthy with a strong shell. And it was yummy too!
Here's to the start of my egg collecting!
This hen just laid another one this afternoon :)  I knew she was prepping because she was nesting in the coop looking quite uncomfortable just a little earlier.

Nov 9, 2010

About the Chickens

Well another lesson learned. Looks like the hens weren't getting enough sunlight, which is the reason they haven't started laying yet. The days are shorter, therefore I will need to place artificial lighting at least 2 hours before they go to bed.
I found out they need 16 hours of daylight, so I removed the bamboo shading and all this light is coming in the pen, they seem so much happier now since they can see the whole back yard  :)
Now lets see some eggs!

Nov 5, 2010

I Miss You Mom

Mom I love you and thank you for all you did for me
and I hope someday I make you proud for whatever comes to be
Wish you were here, I miss you so much
no one even knows what I would give for just one touch
Mom, I miss you so very much, especially today

Nov 2, 2010

Being Thankfull

We didn't do Thanksgiving growing up. We've always been thankful for being able to make time to be together, any time of year.

I give thanks daily for what I have. I am greatful for my wonderful family and all the little blessings that surround me.