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I'm a Canadian now residing in Sunny Arizona since 2002. Although I've been a city girl all of my life, I've always loved the country and the laid back life it offers. My love of the Outdoors, Animals,and Gardening comes from my mom Cecile, who loved her home in the country, but sadly passed away in 2005. I promised her I would grow a garden in her name, And I finally did, five years later. One of my best memories of her is how much she loved her garden. The glow on her face when she would show me something new, always creating a life with things she loved. She loved all animals. She taught me simplicity, to enjoy the small things, and see beauty in everything. Today I find myself doing the same things she did in her garden and in life. This blog was created to keep track of my projects and adventures. They may not all be successes, but my goal is to remain unintimidated by whatever engages my curiosity. I want to share this adventure with those who can appreciate the small things, the trial and errors, the simplicity in it all, but mostly,what my mom knew how to do best,just have FUN! *This blog is dedicated to her*

Dec 21, 2010

My Christmas Meaning

Today I can't help but think what matters most. Seems like this year flew right by. I get nostalgic during this time.
I'm missing my loved ones.
We didn't grow up in a religious environment. And I truly believe that Christmas can be celebrated without Religion.
I don't need religious convictions to enjoy the holiday season
For me, this time is a celebration of family,sharing,charity,and good will toward men. 
But really it's something we should All believe in, All year.
Today is the fist day of winter,

Dec 16, 2010

Holiday Family Time

Although this year I am unable to spend Christmas with my whole family, I am so happy that my sister and nephew will be flying in on Christmas Day from Montreal to visit with me for one week  :)
I am excited to decorate and prep my home to make their stay enjoyable and comfortable.
My Christmas tree is beautiful, it makes the biggest difference in my living room. I look forward each evening to turn on all the decorative lights! It's so Festive!
I am really excited about spending some time with them. We always have a lot of fun together.
I am hoping we will get to do a bunch of fun stuff, visit a few places and spend quality time.
The weather has been fabulous here, and hoping it won't cool down too much.
This will be the first time my family will see my home. I worked so hard to make it cozy and welcoming.
We will have our Christmas dinner on the 27th.
What I especially hope is that time won't fly by, but as always with my family, it usually does.

Dec 13, 2010

Doggie Treat Bake Day!

For the last several years around this time I make and bake dozens of dog treats. This year I was in the company of some great friends. Lots more fun in the company of other dog lovers. We got creative and silly, all while listening to some Christmas music, which made it more festive.
My dogs were hanging around smelling and waiting patiently, flour must have been flying everywhere since my little one ended up having flour all over her snout. It was a good time.
I imagine the cookies turned out good since the dogs all approved  :)

Dec 6, 2010

Biscuits à Jam

That's what we call them back home, or Thumb Print Cookies as they call it here.
I remember my grandma making these when I was young. I've always wanted to make these but just now decided to finally try it. What a treat! these are so good! Perfect for this time of year too.
I chose Strawberry preserves to fill. YUMMY!